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Science Fiction Author 

A.C. Huntley

(c) Photo copyright Meryl Alcabes Photography



~OUT JUNE 2023!~

When a poorly planned theft lands a would-be smuggler and her stolen companion as unwitting stowaways on an outbound ship, she must pose as an animal rights activist on a mission to return the animal to its home planet. 


Creative Ventures

Though writing science fiction is my primary passion, I'm an active creative artist. Follow my newest creative ventures, whether it's directing short films, shaping unusual ceramics, or painting impressionist artwork. I share it all on my Instagram and TikTok accounts, where you can find me at the handle, @theaceofhuntley.

Image (c) A.C. Huntley


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Ace is a creative artist who authors science fiction novels, paints impressionist art, and dabbles in film. She lives in suburbia with her husband, child, and dog, and dreams of adding a few cats, a hamster, a bat-house, and some chickens to the family.

Photo copyright Meryl Alcabes Photography



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